Adding Exceptions to DND in Avaya IP Office

Some days its printers, some days its phones – and you just never know when. Some days it is both of them, like today. Funny how most of us don’t get certifications or official training in either category… but anyway, today I needed to set exceptions to Do Not Disturb for internal users (i.e., DND was active for external users, but internal extensions bypassed the DND block). In Avaya IP Office, do the following:

Log in to IP Office Manager;

Navigate to the “User” section;

Select a User;

Select the tab “DND”;

Under the Do Not Disturb Exception List, enter the internal extension you wish to bypass the user created DND. For example, John Smith at Extension 1234 would be 1234, or you can allow everyone in the range 1200 to 1299 with 12XX.

Hit OK, then OK again, then  Save/Merge it. All done!

Handy link: