Strange drive after update….

After weekend updates, several servers showed a random new mapped drive – but only in file explorer. It did not show up in Storage Management. Looking at it, some update had decided the EFI partition needed a drive letter….

This was on Server 2012R2, by the way – here’s the fix:

Administrative command prompt;


list volume (find the one about 100 mb)

select volume #



And that’s it – ghost volume gone, EFI volume still where it’s supposed to be. Here’s the link I found that explained it to me….


Life gets busy, especially in the IT world. Deadlines are destroyed by that last minute project that needed to be done yesterday. Except you just heard about it 5 minutes ago…. Our priorities change as the day passes and for those of us that plan and document our days, it can get frustrating trying to stay on the schedule – even if the only schedule we have is one we create for ourselves. It’s a good thing I like this sort of environment!

It is always good to allocate time not only for continuing education but also for demonstrating what you know via certifications. This is what I have been doing this week, in addition to the usual things that keep me busy – I finished a long process and completed my MCSE-Private Cloud certification. While the test was challenging, the fact that I work with almost all of the System Center suite on a daily basis helped me through it. It also pointed out where I need to spend some time (Azure, which we don’t use since our clouds are all internal, but I’m going to learn it and see if we want to go hybrid).

This is me.

Compliance Check!

Today was one of those general busy days – nothing major accomplished, but lots of boxes checked off – fix this printer, set up that new user, diagnose an issue with server X…

And then one of those long standing things on the ‘horizon’ creeps back into focus – just when do those security updates end for that software, putting things out of compliance? For me, it’s HIPAA, for you it might be Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, or pick your regulatory guidelines. Here’s a handy link:

Big date for me is October 10th, 2017 – if you have anything with any Office 2007 on it, then it is for you as well. No more updates after that! If you’re wondering about Windows 7, you have until 2020 but you REALLY should update before that. If you have been in the nightmare update cycle lately, you know what I’m talking about. Make sure you use WSUS because manual on re-installs is a real pain right now…